Michael Amon

Contract talks update; new talks set for April 8

Posted in Uncategorized by michaelamon on March 15, 2010

After talks on Friday didn’t produce an agreement, Newsday management and Local 406 have scheduled the next contract discussions for April 8, union officers said.

Both sides would have liked to schedule something sooner but with holidays such as Passover and Easter approaching, they couldn’t arrange it.

From what I understand, the two sides are very much in contact with each other and are making a bit of progress, though it probably can best be measured in inches.

On Friday, Liisa May, the editorial unit steward, delivered a PowerPoint presentation on Friday to provide a counterpoint to some of the information in Publisher Terry Jimenez’s slideshow.

“We hope it serves to set the record straight or at least to rebut their claims that we have been earning exorbitant salaries for this region or compared to our peers in the field,” said Zack Dowdy, the editorial unit vice president.

He said Liisa’s presentation included statistics for several of our major job categories, including reporters, drivers and press operators.

The delay means that the editorial unit contract will expire without a new agreement on April 1.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Union officers tell me that the old contract will stay in effect, but Zack Dowdy is going to address that in an upcoming membership note and I’ll defer to him.

It should be noted that the Electronic Pre-press unit has been working without a contract since March 1. No changes in working conditions so far.

The press room and delivery units are still under contract until May 1 and June 1.

As always, feel free to ask questions.


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