Michael Amon


Newsday exclusives on stories competitive with the N.Y. Post, Daily News, N.Y. Times and others.

Taconic Tragedy: The mystery of a missing phone.
Flight 1549: Engine prone to rare stall.
Troopergate: Cuomo’s calls to Dopp’s wife scrutinized.
The Syringe Doctor: New York failed to use its full power.
L.I.’s Madoff: Agape World Ponzi scam involved local ballfield
The Killer Mom: CPS didn’t know of her mental illness.
Spitzer Resigns: The full story.
Garden City Familicide: Fall of an All-American family.

Outfront on Long Island
The Schumer questionable campaign donations series
Day 1 – Schumer’s actions. The Suffolk D.A. A Nursing Home Empire.
Day 2 – From Manila to Mineola.

Syringe Doctor enterprise: N.Y.’s doctor disciplinary system comes up short.

From the Washington Post

Abu Ghraib: A small town soldier on trial.

Crime Beat: Too many mysteries for one family.

Junky Lit: Drugs fuel tales of lost loves, lost lives.

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